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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  December 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am PST

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range between 15 and 25 mph with gust up to 35 mph through upper 30s this afternoon so dwindle but high temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. sunny skies through the weekend. fight fans from all over came to las vegas this weekend to see fighter jose aldo take on conor mcgregor... fight fans from all over came to las vegas this weekend to see fighter jose aldo take on conor mcgregor... but if you blinked or sneezed... you might have missed it! the seconds long fight, is now trending this morning. jose aldo has been thought of as one of the toughest fighters
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the undisputed featherweight champion. mcgregor is estimated to make about 12 million dollars for the fight! in honor of her 26th birthday... pop star taylor swift is giving the world a present! she just announced that her 19-89 tour is going to be made into a movie. and you don't have to wait long! the film, "19-89 world tour live" will be released on apple music on december 20th. and this may be the most adorable thing you see today! a 5-week old polar bear sleeping! you can hear the little girl making noises as she tosses and turns, next to her stuffed animal. she lives in the columbus zoo and was born last month to aurora, one of three adult polar bears who live there. she weighs about 4 pounds, and is 16 inches long and her eyes aren't even open yet! you can check out all of the
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today.... at coming up at -5-... the dmv brings out the worst in all of us...but this bad behavior is at a whole new level. we'll have more of this video
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shooters is on the run. right now...wind and rain and could we even see snow? you might want to pack an extra jacket this morning! all eyes on las vegas this morning as the republican presidential debate is only a day away! the stage is set...and minutes ago...we got the latest poll numbers. good morning las vegas i'm dayna roselli... and i'm beth fisher. overnight wind gusts...and even some rain ...but today some of that rain might be turning into snow here in the valley.
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